Friday 9th August

Today, Tom took me to the Dupage Airport. Tom's neighbor Mr. Brian was there. This airport is a private airpot but it is not that small. Mr.Brian kindly showed us around the airport. We could enter and look even at the off-limits area for ordinary people(staff only area). For example, the runway area, hangars, pilot's brieffing room, etc.
When I was child I wanted to be a pilot and I liked airplanes. Although I didn't become a pilot, I like airplanes and I have a faint dreame that I will get a private airplane license and I will fly small airplane like a Cessna.
There are 2 pilot schools here, one is for getting private license and the other is for business licenses. In the private area of this airport, there are hundreds of Cessnas like marina yachts. If I could fly an airplane, It would be great.
After visiting the airport, Tom treated me to lunch at a club house near the airport. Since I came to Bethany's house, I am taken care of very well by Bethany's family. I thank them for their kindness, and I feel bad that I occupy their important time. Thank you, anyway. I'm so happy now! Tom, please come to Japan again! Then I will treat you.

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