Thursday 8th August

I visited 2 American schools. One is an elementary school called "Longfellow Elementary School", the other is a middle school called "Monroe Middle School".
The biggest difference between American school and Japanese school is that American schools must keep up with different languages, as there are other languages apart from English in America. It is a multi-racial nation, but Japan is almost one-race nation. I think that for the school to keep up with many languages is hard work for the teachers and school. But they do that in America.
I heard that there are about 25 students in each class, and 5 teachers per class. This is Great! In Japan, one teacher teaches about 40 students, so Japanese circumstances are hard for teachers.
I searched the Internet about the educational system in this district, and found out there are "District 200 Programs" in this district. I think this district has a good educational system.
Maybe the schools don't have websites. If the schools had websites I'd like to communicate with them over the Interenet.

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