Saturday 10th August

Today is the day that I explore Chicago city on my own. Of course my English, but I don't care. The unknown is exciting for me.
I went to the Museum of Science and Industry by the Metra. It is a great museum. In there, my favourites are the Navy and the Submarine. Flight simulator is exciting. It is using F14. The submarine is a real U-505 submarine. When I went to the submarine, the museum was getting crowded. I had to wait a long time and I didn't have enough time to look around at everything.
I went to Chicago Univercity next. It has a beutiful yard, traditional structures and a gentle atmosphere. I think it is a very nice campus. After the univercity I went to Rockfeller Memorial Chapel. It is a big and traditional chapel and wedding are held there.
I went to Brooks Brothers shop, their clothes are my favourite. But today they were closed. Oh my gosh, what a shame!
I went to the Orchestra Hall. This is the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's home. But now is out of season. I bought some souvenirs for Bethany's family there.
In the evening, many of Bethany's friends and relatives were coming over to dinner. Everyone enjoyed a bbq at the party. I don't understand English very well, but talking or communicating with them was very fun. Everyone was very nice.
I missed his name, but I was talking to one boy who said he likes airplanes, just like I used to when I was younger. He said he has many airplane models and books. I hope he will become a pilot, then when he is older he can fly is own jet plane from Chicago Dupage airport to Niigata airport, and make my dream come true!

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