Wednesday 7th August

I have a good breakfast every morning.
Bread, sereal, bagle, frenchtoast, Butter, Jam(apricot, Blueberry...), ...
coffee, tea, orange juce, milk, English muffin, ...
fruits(Melon, Strawberry, Grapes, Banana), ...
I got on the Metra from Wheaton. Metra ia a double-decker train that is comfortable. Before getting the train, I looked the Weaton College. The buildings appearances have the atomasphere of a traditional town.

I went to "Navy Pier" on a clear day. I cruised Lake Michigan,and the view of the Chicago skyline was wonderfull.
In the evening, Bethany's friend came over and I had dinner with them. It was happy time for me. I listened to them and talked with them, but I didn't understand well. I want be a good English speaker.
I see that they are nice young people and I put great hopes on the their future. Oh my gosh! I forgot to take a picture with them.

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