Monday 5th August

I went to Harley Davidson shop. Many kinds of Harley's goods are there, and not only motorbikes but all of Harley's goods are there. For example key holders, cards, clothes, and so on. Finally, there are music CDs for Harley...for the city road, for the contry road, for first riding, for slow's great.
I went to the Field Museum. There are many, many collections. I hope that the museum will improve the display of underground, so that it will be good for a study trip.
I played in the band practice. It was an exiting and good time. Members are midle aged or older peple. I felt that they have enjoyed the band for a long time as a part of life. I strongly felt that Swing is an American style of music. Swing has many delicate feelings that can't be expressed in the music score, and these delicate feeling give meaning to Swing music. Swing is dificult for me. So I got nervous a little when practice started. But practice with Tom and kind members was very happy. Cheers to the cool band and members! Thank you for a happy practice.

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